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Default Me and my Punjabi wife Trapped in a cabin with a stranger

I continued using my fingers on her, teasing and arousing with first one inside her and then two, before I removed them and began gently massaging her clit. I wanted her hot but not satisfied because, I had decided I wanted to be inside her, and didn't want her to say no.

"Sweetheart let's make love," I stated, when I thought she was ready.

"In front of him?" she replied, with surprise.

Fortunately, her response seemed to lack any real negative conviction which emboldened me to begin pushing her sweats down. Half-way to her knees, she pulled them the rest of the way off.

I rolled over to mount her when she grabbed my arm and said, "You need a condom."

"They're in the cupboard and I don't want to get up," I said, looking at her with pleading eyes then sunk my hard cock balls deep into her on the first thrust.

"Oh yes my love," she called out, as we started a gentle rocking motion.

Our passion was so great that both of us quickly forgot that anyone was in the room, and despite the chill, within minutes the sweat on our bodies was making a wet slapping sound, as the old springs on the bed screeched in tune. The cover had fallen down to our waists, and I looked down to see Simran's breasts doing a circular dance.

I tried very hard not to cum before Simran but, my balls were boiling and the more I tried not to the closer I got. The first shot was inside her before I was able to pull out and finish across her tummy and breasts. I was on my arms above her panting with drool coming out of my mouth before I collapsed back on top of her.

"God I love you," I said, between gasps.

"You feel so good when you're inside me," she answered, gently stroking my h***.

I knew she needed an orgasm so, after catching my breath, I rolled behind her and pulled her against me in a way that allowed me to use my hand between her legs. I started slow and kissed her neck trying to get her back into the zone she needed to be in to relax and release.

On her side with her left knee up, she was giving me complete access to her pussy and slowly her body began to respond. Building on that, I gave her clit light strokes, and when she began to shudder, I increased the intensity until she started racing forward excited and ready.

"Pinch my nipples," she suddenly blurted out, and my hand on her clit was replaced by hers.

I pinched and rolled her nipples as she masturbated, and in less than a minute her body stiffened, she exhaled hard, then slammed her legs closed and groaned loudly. Her body began experiencing short, random convulsions from the electrical aftershocks of her orgasm.

It had been a nice orgasm, and I held her firmly against me as her body slowly relaxed and her breathing returned to normal. But, as she quieted, another sound in the room became apparent; faintly at first, then louder and as it grew I realized it was close by. Now curious, I lifted onto one arm and looked around the room, and in the faint light from the bathroom spotted Guru on the floor with his pants around his knees masturbating furiously as he stared at Simran.

Looking at Simran, her eyes were transfixed on his cock, and I realized she wasn't aware that I was watching her. His cock looked to be 9" or so and fat and his balls were huge, hanging almost to the floor between his legs. The bed covers had fallen away so that Simran was partly exposed to his eyes, with his view only hindered by the angle from his position several feet below. She made no effort to cover herself, and as we both watched, his cock spit out its juices across his large h***y belly as he grunted and smiled.

I looked down at Simran and she was now looking at me, and as our eyes met, a look of panic crossed her face before she looked away and grabbed the blanket to cover her exposed body.

I put my arm around her and pulled her to me without speaking as I thought through things. Had he seen her orgasm? Hell, had she cum from watching him? This guy was middle aged, fat and h***y. What possible attraction could she have for him?
Guru was around 40 years age…fat…h***y and apparently had a big dick…

"Simran?" I asked, turning her to face me.

"I'm sorry," she said, before I could say anything else.

"What happened?" I said, our faces now inches from each other.

"What do you mean?" she replied, in a nervous voice.

"Was he watching us the whole time?" I asked.

"I don't know. I only saw him when you were playing with me," she answered.

"So, he saw you orgasm?" I continued.

"Maybe," she replied, after a pause.

I was about to ask some more question when I heard Guru moving. He got off the floor and went to the bathroom, and as he did, I felt Simran stiffen in my arms. Again, we were treated to the sounds of him peeing through the partially open door.

Guru came out soon and after clearing his throat a little too loudly lay back down. I continued to hold Simran quietly as my mind raced wondering if her guilt would bubble up but, after a few minutes when she hadn't reacted, I started to think about what had occurred, and surprisingly I was more curious than upset.
In fact, I was feeling a bit aroused thinking about it happening to my normally reserved wife.

Everyone fell asleep and it was sometime later I awoke with a start from sounds of movements in the small apartment. It took a few moments for me to remember the circumstances and surmise that the sounds were coming from Guru. A quick look at the clock informed me that it was 5:26 PM.

"Damn, I need a drink," I heard Guru mumble, and saw his large shape, illuminated by the bathroom light, moving slowly about.

Without speaking, I slid out of bed, slipped on my boxers, and flipped on the radio, while adjusting the volume to not wake Simran. After a few minutes of storm information, the announcer informing us that there was at least another 24 hours of snow to which we both groaned.

"Shit, going to be stuck here forever," he said.

"Can't you just go back to sleep," I asked.

"Been sleeping. Now I'm damn bored," he replied lighting his cigarette and I followed his gaze to see that Simran was now awake.

"You got any booze in here?" he followed, still looking at Simran.

"It's in the cupboard to the right of the sink," Simran answered, before I could reply. She seemed to show no shame from being seen by Guru or seeing him which surprised me.
I went and started the exhaust fan to get rid of the smoke…we had it made specially as simran smoked too…actually she was a chain smoker…was trying to quit but couldn’t.

Guru opened the cupboard and fumbled with several bottles, selecting more by feel than by sight, until he withdrew a quart of Jack Daniels with about with about half left that I had planned to throw away. He found a small glass next to the sink, rinsed it, and poured a healthy amount. The alcohol had a calming effect on him, and we watched him sit down against the wall and sip his drink while taking a fag…

The radio crackled with repetitive information interspersed with stories on unique human interest situations being caused by the storm. The news was on a 10-15 minute cycle and we sat through four rounds and two refills of Guru's glass before I got up and turned it off.

"Am I going to have to drink and smoke alone?" Guru demanded, more than asked.

I was about to answer that we were not in the mood to drink when Simran stated, "Honey, why don't you open a bottle of wine? I could have a smoke too."

"That's the spirit," Guru exclaimed, "It will make the time go faster."

"When do you think we can get out?" Simran asked.

"Probably be a while. Whole city is going to be a mess," Guru replied, before I could.

"I never realized how irritating doing nothing could be ," she replied lighting her cigarette

"Well a drink will help pass the time. If nothing else, will help you sleep later," he told her as I moved to the counter.

With trepidation but, without speaking, I found the corkscrew and a bottle of Malbec we had purchased. I opened it and poured two glasses assuming Guru would stick with his whiskey. Simran accepted her glass and sipped from it slowly while sitting on the bed and a burning cigaretre in her other hand with her back against the wall. She had slipped back into her sweats and t-shirt, and you could just barely make out the points from her nipples through the fabric.

At first, everyone was mostly quiet, sipping their drinks in silence and smoking, but Guru began talking and occasionally asking questions, and before I realized it Simran and he were in a conversation.

It started out as one word questions mostly initiated by Guru but progressed to more involved discussions. Simran, always the friendly type, was asking questions about his life and family still showing no apparent shame from being watched by Guru. Guru would respond then ask her similar questions which she readily answered. For my part, I was quietly stewing, wishing this storm would end so we could rid ourselves of this loser and be on our way.

After she finished her glass, Simran excused herself to the bathroom and was gone for almost twenty minutes. The conversation died for a while until Guru decided to bring up the earlier event.

"Very beautiful woman," he suddenly stated blowing smoke towards me

"Yes," I answered, knowing he had some agenda.

"A good climax I have to say," he said.

"Shut up asshole," I demanded.

"You know that was for me, right? She was looking at my cock when she let go," he said, not heeding my statement.

"Bullshit old man. Now shut up before I throw you out," I replied, angrily.

"Hell, your one of those dumbasses that thinks all women are saints!" he said, beginning to laugh throwing the butt away and lighting a new one

"I know my wife," I replied sternly, trying to shut him up because I was unsure about how she had behaved.

"You're such a young shit you can't understand it. It's going to fuck with your head though. Missing a big chance boy," he replied, with an *** of wisdom and confidence incongruent with his circumstances.

"What chance," I blurted out before thinking, stepping into his game.

"See what's really in her head. What turns her on. Most men married to a woman their whole lives never know it," he answered.

"And you think some old fat bastard like you can get that to happen?" I replied, intending my words to be insulting.

"Already did once wouldn't you say," he shot back…married women get bored after a while and need a change once in a while weather they or you accept it or not

I stopped responding, singed by his words, and a few minutes later Simran came out looking refreshed, and announced how much better she felt after cleaning up and brushing her teeth. She sat back on the bed with her back against the wall supported by several pillows, still in her sweat pants but now sporting a new t-shirt.
Guru, acting the gentleman, poured her a fresh glass of wine and lit a cigarette for her.

After a trip to the bathroom myself, I returned to the room surprised to see that Guru had boldly seated himself on the bed near Simran's feet. Simran didn't seem to be concerned, and they continued their conversation as I sat in the ch*** at my desk. Simran and I were sipping our drinks slowly but Guru was hitting the whiskey hard.

"The lady needs another glass," Guru announced, slurring his words some when Simran finished her second glass.

Simran looked at me with a silly grin and held her glass, and I dutifully took it and poured another drink. Guru refilled his glass then beat me back to the bed, and got back into his spot again, relegating me to the desk ch***. They picked up the conversation, which was now flowing freely and Simran, pressing him on personal details, was able to get him to explain that he was a businessman, had been married twice and had four kids. He went on to say how he had started out with some buddies at a bar the previous night, and when it closed he couldn't get his car started. He stumbled down the street trying to find a cab and somehow ended up here.

"You like to play cards? Let's play some cards. Rohan you got any?" Guru suddenly blurted out. I had two decks in the desk drawer but I didn't respond unsure of his intentions.

"There are some in drawer," Simran said, pointing to the desk as I tried to get her attention.

"We'll play hearts to pass the time. Rohan grab them," he demanded.

I paused for a moment then opened the drawer and took out a deck. We played for about an hour with them talking and me mostly silent, lost in my thoughts, and wondering how she could be so carefree with a stranger who had seen her orgasm only a short time before. I always knew simran was a wild cat but she was faithful to me.
Without warning, we were dropped into pitch darkness.

"Shit. Power's out," I said, stating the obvious.

"Could be out for a long time," Guru offered, "Hope we don't lose the heat."

He was right about the heat. It was probably 55 to 60 degrees in the apartment, and without the heat there was no telling how low it might plummet. I felt around until I located the flashlight then lit a candle in the bathroom and two on the counter in the main room which provided just enough light to play then, returned to the game.

"We need a bet," Guru announced, as I sat down.

"What bet?" Simran asked, now experiencing a buzz from the wine.

"Whoever ends up with the queen of spades has to take a shot," he decided, after a pause.

Guru got up and went to the cabinet with the liquor and returned with a full bottle of tequila.

"No, that's not a good idea," I said.

"Don't be a party pooper," Guru said in his rough English, "Besides, what else do we got to do?"

"Simran has had enough already," I told him.

"Honey, I'm fine. Besides I don't plan on going anywhere," Simran replied as Guru smiled at me. Simran was very competitive and it was not out of character for her to take on a challenge. Yet, she was not used to being around men like Guru, and I was concerned.

I just shook my head as Guru picked up the cards to deal. Fortunately, for the next three hands, Guru ended with the queen and each time took a swig from the bottle. The next time it was me and then on the fifth hand Simran had to take a shot for the first time. Guru handed her the bottle and she tipped it quickly, and with a grimace, she forced the liquor down as her body shuddered from its effect

After that, it seemed we all were equal losers. The game continued but as we drank it was hard to maintain any focus on the cards. For a while, Guru kept us distracted from our drunkenness with his non-stop chatter but, finally we reached a point that we were so smashed it no longer worked. Surprisingly, Simran was in the best shape and tried to pick up the slack but, it didn't last long before she faded and we all grew quiet.

Guru was still sitting on the end of the bed but was slowly falling over onto his side, and I was in the desk ch*** trying to fight the alcohol but losing. Simran after a while either grew tired or gave up and leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

I wasn't how sure long I had been out when I woke from my alcohol stupor with drool falling from my mouth and my back and shoulders sore from my position. Simran had slid down so she was sleeping comfortably in the bed and Guru was still half-on and half-off the bed, and was now fitfully snoring. Standing up slowly, I checked my watch to see it was 2:20 AM.

Grabbing Guru by the shoulder, I pulled him off the bed and onto the floor. Thankfully, he was too far gone to fight my efforts, and I was able to get him settled, kill the candles, except the one in the bathroom then slide in next to Simran. So far, the heat had somehow stayed on and the room was still at the same temperature, chilly but tolerable.

Pulling her close to me without waking her I snuggled into her neck then, unable to help myself, ran my hands over her breasts through her sweatshirt.

"Mmmmm," she purred, pushing her butt against me.

"Thought you were asleep?" I whispered.

"I was," she whispered back.

Reaching beneath the shirt, I started rolling her small nipples through my finger tips and kissed her ear, expecting her to tell me to leave her alone so she could sleep. Instead, I felt her butt move against me in an attempt to make contact and arouse my cock. God how I loved her sensitive breasts.

Simran loves to have her neck kissed so when I started on her with small gentle ones she turned her head to give me better access. After a minute or so, she tried to turn in my arms to kiss me on the lips but, I held her firm not wanting to give up my position that allowed my right hand to roam her body.

"Be still sweetie, let me play," I said to her.

Her reply was a sensual moan and I spent the next five minutes exploring her body, caressing her breasts and tummy, and pushing the sweat pant down low in the front. I could tell Simran was getting excited from her purrs and the movement of her body, and I thought maybe I would play with her pussy until she climaxed, and if I was lucky she might reciprocate.

Working my hand down, I found, as expected, a well lubricated opening. I took her leg and pulled it over mine spreading her open and then began a slow but determined toying and teasing. Simran has never been a real vocal lover so it caught me off guard when her moaning started getting loud.

"Sweetie, you might wake him up. If you don't quiet down I'm going to stop," I threatened.

"Don't stop. He won't wake," she panted and as if on cue, Guru let loose with a big snore.

Under the blanket, Simran's bottoms and thong had been worked down almost to her knees, and she was now so wet I could hear the smacking sounds of her juices, as I worked her with my fingers.

"I need to feel you." she exclaimed breaking my hold and turning to work my pants down.

"Damn woman, that wine made you horny," I giggled.

"The tequila," she replied, now acting a bit frantic with her efforts.

Soon, she had my pants down to my knees, and her head disappeared under the blanket. Simran has a natural gift when it comes to oral sex, as she has nice full lips and knows how to make it nice and juicy. When her mouth found my cock, I had to stifle my own gasp caused by the incredible feeling.

She was hunched low on her knees, with her pussy close enough to me that I could still play with it, and my tickling and teasing must have had an effect because it was only a few minutes later she turned back.

"I need you in me," she said, and in the faint candle light emanating from the bathroom, I could see a hunger in her eyes.

"He might wake up," I said, sincerely concerned about our confined situation.

"He won't wake up. He's plastered. Listen to him," she answered, as her hand stroked me. In reality, I was damn horny too, and didn't need a lot of convincing.

"Okay but be quiet," I said, half scolding.

"Okay, okay," she replied

I tried to roll on top of her but had to wait while she kicked off the sweat pant from one of her legs. She was so ready and wet I literally fell into her. The soft warmth was overpowering, and I had to moan into the pillow to dampen the sound. I went very slowly, rocking gently and savoring every millimeter of feeling as my cock entered and withdrew.

"I love you," Simran whispered.

"I love going slow and feeling you," I told her.

"I like it too darling," she answered.

We continued in our slow deliberate love making trying to keep as quiet as possible. I lifted up on my arms slightly so I could see her face, which always excites me when we make love, and saw that her eyes were shut and her lips half parted. She was holding her breathe then forcing it out in soft gasps in time with my motion.

Despite the thrill of our lovemaking, I found my mind going back to our last time, when Guru had seen her. In my experience with Simran, lovemaking was the time to find out her true feelings, as it was like a truth serum for her. In the past, it's been when I learned truly why she was mad at me or what her opinion was on something where I felt she had been evasive. It was a lousy trick in this intimate moment but, I really wanted to know.

"Sweetie, did it turn you on?" I asked her, immediately feeling bad for bringing it up.

"What, honey?" she panted, in reply.

"Him watching you and playing with himself," I explained. Simran stiffened and I thought she was going to be angry. The moments ticked by before she finally answered.

"Maybe some," She admitted.

"What does that mean?" I asked, not satisfied by her answer.

"Let it go Rohan," she counseled.

"No, I want to know. I'm not mad. I'm just curious," I told her, honestly.

"It did some," she repeated.

"What does that mean?" I queried, again hoping she would answer honestly.

"It was exciting because he wanted me," she explained.

"Sweetie, all men want you," I said, still confused by her answer.

"Not watching while we are making love. Not naked. Not locked into this tiny space with us with no way out," she said, losing her breath in the process.

It was quiet as we gently rocked while I processed this information. Its times like this that you realize how different men are wired from women. Simran could have any man she wanted. Wealthy, successful, athletes...and yet this old out of shape drunkard had gotten into her head in a way that no other man had to my knowledge. Certainly part of it was the bizarre situation but still....

"Maybe he should watch again," I threw out.

There was a quick almost imperceptible gasp from her and also, even less discernible but still there, a quick spasm almost like a pulse in her pelvis.

"Not a good idea Rohan," she replied

"Why not?" I pushed.

"Just not. Hush and let's make love," she answered, pulling my head back into her neck.

"I will but why not? I now needed to know.

"He's not the kind to take no," she told me, after a pause.

My only response was to kiss her passionately and tell her, "I am so in love with you."

"You better be," she replied, with a smile.

We continued on in silence for a few more minutes then, it was time for a change.

"Roll over and get on top," I told her, which happens to be one of her favorite positions.

Simran got on top and I pulled her down against my chest. She worked her hips taking me in and out but, with her now in charge of the pace. We could still hear Guru snoring away loudly with an obvious case of apnea, and there were times his breathing would stop for what seemed like a minute then, a large grunting snore would erupt.

"That's the man that turns you on," I said, trying to mock her previous admission.

"He has a big dick," she shot back. A reply like this from her was so unexpected I was speechless. Sensing my shock she whispered in my ear with a giggle, "I win."

"Hush and fuck me," I said, having no other come back.

"I need to stretch," she replied.

As she straightened up on top of me the blanket, caught under my legs, fell away and she arched backwards now fully exposed from the waist up. Both of us glanced at the same time towards Guru. Simran could see but my view was blocked by the edge of the bed, and I had to rely on his sounds to confirm he was still asleep.

"Come back to me," I said, taking her hand and pulling her to my chest.

"Leave the blanket off for a while, I'm hot," she said.

"You just want to be seen," I said, pushing my hips up now to meet her rocking.

Simran matched my thrust and we started going faster until the bed started squeaking. Nervous, we slowed until it stopped and with the silence we both realized something else at the same time - the snoring had stopped. I grabbed the blanket and quickly covered Simran up to her neck.

"Stop for a second and see if he starts snoring again," I whispered to her

It was like hiding in the bushes when playing hide and seek as a child. We were barely even breathing trying to determine if he was really awake and if we had been spotted. It didn't take long to get the answer.

"You two are like rabbits. Every time I lay down you go at it," Guru spoke, definitely still feeling the liquor. We remained quiet, neither responding at first.

"Don't pretend to be asleep. Go ahead I don't mind. In fact it will make a good show," he chuckled.

I was about to roll Simran off me when I felt her hips rock just a little. Our eyes met and I saw in her an odd look. Playful, but also needy and she opened her mouth to speak then stopped and instead pushed down hard on my cock. When I put my left hand on her ass and grabbed her breast with my right she kissed me hard on the mouth and started moving faster.

"That's it kids," Guru said.

Simran started fucking me so fast that the bed started squeaking again, and this time we ignored the sound. I was now getting caught up in the eroticism of the moment, and bizarre thoughts would fly into and out of my head. Our movements caused the blanket to fall a bit but Simran was still low, with her body close to mine and out of sight.
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