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Default chalu Wife

Hello All,

Its Rajat, I like to share one of my experience.
when i was working in banglore and i had one office college and he is from north and i am basically from north and settled in south before 25 years bcz of my dad business.
He loved a girl and married to her before 3 year against there family, He joined banglore office and became very good friend.

I have rented a small room in open terrace in banglore and some time he used to come to my room to enjoy drinks, tough we both got same salary but i also has a business of hotel in which i earned well more than my salary.

I used to help him lot financially then one day he said he want to bring his wife, So he rented a house and bought al stuffs and went to his native to bring his wife.

I was waiting at railway station with my car to pick up him while returning and that the first time i saw his wife, ohh god she is dam cute and very fresh.

I dropped them and left and next week he called me for lunch, i went to his house with a costly mobile as gift and it was really nice food my friend has said many things about me and i left.

Since there home and my home is very near in same street many time evening and some time we all go out for dinner at my hotel, Since she is good looking i used to see her and she also give a naughty smile.

one day afternoon i got a message from a unknown number and asked who is this and in replay she said its rinku, i was so happy and she said not to tell her hubby that she is messaging me and i said ok.

for next two days she used to chat with in day time and ask more details about me and my business, then she said that she need a help and i said what help.

She asked do her husband is having any aff*** with any of the office college and ya what she said is true my friend was having an aff*** with a girl in my office which i came to know by keep following him for a week.

i said her that i am not so sure for which she had send me some of her gifts from that girl to her husband and she called me and cry ed and said heis wasting lot of money for that girl and fights with her some, i said its u r personal life so be patient for some days bcz the girl who his husband is having aff*** is going to marry.

so by these chatting and calls we became little close and then she asked for another help of some money bcz she is going to meet her parents after 3.5 years due to medical emergency, she know well that money is not big things for me bcz i earn a lot and spend a lot, So said ok will give but how she will return for which she said she will return in small amounts.

i asked her where she need to money to put and she responded stating to come to her house by taking 2 hours permission from office.

i went to her house she opened the door and closed it, i was in sofa and she was sitting other side she was wearing sarry and look to good, i was silent and she asked why i look so shy and nervous, she said be relax and speak so i was seeking and my eyes often go on her body which she also know, She aslo behaved in a sexy manner.

in next part i will tell what happen in next 2 hours..

in my previous post i stopped till i reach my friend house.. let continue now.

I was sitting in sofa and she said how office wok and hotel business is going.. i said its fine and good but to time for relax.

She said you can call or message me in day time, in simple when my friend is not in home.

i was just seeing her body and it still so tender, I took out the cash of 50 thousand and gave her, she took it and her face is full of happyness.

i said can i tell one thing and said that she is looking so good and cute, she smiled and went in and when she came back she had adjusted her saree in sexy way.. i was so happy to see her.

Since its only two hours i too permission so i have to go.. so i said i am leaving, so came out..

So for next few days in day time she use to message me and she often tell me that her husband is not loving as he used to before.

One day me and my friend had drinks after office and i went to drop him, she was looking me and took him inside.

I reached home and she send a message have i slept and i said no, She said y u no slot slept and you to drank i said i have less only so not feel sleepy, She said she also not feeling sleepy and her husband was in full sleepy.

She said she want to be my close friend and need some job so that she can give to her parents and c can buy her favorite dress and jewelry, i felt happy and felt she too like me

I said will my friend allow she said that she will take his permission but the job has to be safe and no long hours to work.

I asked her qualification and its but she is not good in English and even she tried befor for many interview but not got job.

i said ok i will arrange job but less salary only like 10 thousand to the max, but she said that is ok but asked me to get some more salary job, i said is not possible and also the job will be a receptionist in a very small concern and might be she has to work from 9 to 7 for which she said she cant work this much time and need salary will be more, So i decided that i cant help and said her.

she was little anger on me for two days and i also dont know what to do.

Then she went to her native for three weeks and before going i gave some more money for the trip, She felt very happy for that and after reaching to her parents home there is no msg from her after two weeks she send a message of thank u and a kiss. i was shocked to she tha and replayed how is she, She said she was very sorry for not messaging two weeks bcz she was with her husband parents house and her phone got damage so cant msg, Now she bought new phone after reaching to her parents house.

she said she bought a phone some new dress for her and for her sister.

She said she want to discuss some thing with me. i said what is that and she replayied that she want me to marry her sister and she send her photos which i denayed, I said my parents wont allow and i cant do any thing beyond to them, She was again upset on me and said that why i am not hearing her request, I said all the request she asking is not accepting from my side and she need to understand my things also.

Then she said ok and stopped that talk.. after two days she again ask for job, I started getting irritated but just to fuck her i was adjusting.

Again after two days she asked for some more money and i transfer d to her sister account she said a thank and said the total debt he has to repay me.

After her shopping she msg and again said a think you.. i said her is it possible for her for vedio call and she replayed with ok and she will call me night after 10 so that no one will disturb and she will be alone in her room.

I went home by 9.30 and she gave me msg to call by 10.15, i called her in skype and ohh god she was looking dam sexy in a nighty.. i said all hi how aru her parents all formal talks are over and she said is her husband enjoying with the girl bcz c is not at home, I said i have no idea she replayed stating that she is aware of all bcz her neighbour aunt has called her and said that one girl came to her come.

I was little upset on hearing bcz every time she speak or message the topic will be job or Money or his husband aff***e.

Then she said why i am upset i said nothing for which this time she said she dont want to think of it and soon al will be right but she will take revange for that, i said ok.

I asked her what shopping she did and she opened a bag and showed me it was a sarry and 2 bra, I asked what that red color dress, She smiled and replayed it some girls inner dress, i said for whome and she smiled and replay its for her.

she said she wants to get more to close to me and want to share al her wish and sadness and want to come out of all tension, i said even i too need some one who can understand me and my wishes, She said she want to be that girl, I said but i need girl who will be so close and she said ok.

I asked her do u know what close means she smiled and said she is aware and he she know it well, I asked what she said i know an she is not a kid.

i asked her again and she said that she will msg me and cant tell in vedio call.

So my heartbeat is fast and i was waiting for her message and the message i got is "i like u lot"

me - lot means
she - lt means lot
me - ok so u will be my girl friend
she - what, No i am not your girl friend
me - then
she - I am your girl
me - wow
she - come to my native and see me
me - How can i come
she - just kidding
me - can u put the new dress and send the pic
she - sarry or ?
me - both
she - naughty
she - u like sex
me - yes
she - even i too like it lot
me - wow thats good for me
she - how its good for u
me - sad smily
she - relax.. i know what u need and thats y u helping me in all ways
me- its not like that
she - who knows, well i had really good sex life for 2 years but now last 2 years.. vry rare
me - Dont worry al will fine
she - i am going for a wedding next week to mumbai is it possible for you to come ther
me - then what u tel at home and your friend
she - the wedding girl is very close so she will manage
me - ok i wil

So wait for the next update to know what happened in Mumbai
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