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Exclamation Milking My Aunt

Growing up, I was always the favorite of my mom's sister aunt Laura. Even though I got along great with my other aunts and uncles, Aunt Laura kind of took a special interest in me from when I was just a little kid. She always made me feel special and as if I was her favorite nephew. She was usually more direct and blunt with me and even came right out and told me that I was her favorite, and she wished I could be her son. She would say: "Julian, you are such a good-looking kid, I wish you were mine." This embarrassed me and also flattered me on some level.

When I was about 12 years old, Aunt Laura came to visit us. She had recently had a baby girl but was separated from her husband at the time. It was a rocky marriage. Anyway, she came to stay with us for awhile and my mom helped her with the baby and helped take care of her other kids. Aunt Laura was breastfeeding the baby at the time.

One day, I happened to be in my mom's bedroom with my mom, Aunt Laura and the baby. The baby started to fuss and Aunt Laura mentioned that it was feeding time. I started to leave the room and Aunt Laura said, "Don't you think it would be okay if Julian stayed? It is just natural." My heart started pounding at the thought of catching a glimpse of her breasts.

My mom objected at first and then said, "Oh I guess it will be all right." With that, Aunt Laura undid her blouse, and exposed two of the biggest, most beautiful tits that a young man would ever want to lay eyes on. Her nipples were big and brown, I remember them being erect and being fascinated and enthralled with watching my baby cousin suck away with her eyes closed.

After a few minutes she shifted the baby around and let her suck on the other breast. I was only twelve but had a hard on. There was something inside me raging and I wished I could see her whole body. I was falling in love with my aunt.

After awhile, my mom had to leave the room to take care of the laundry. It was just Aunt Laura, me and the baby alone in my mom's bedroom. I got up a little courage and asked if her milk just tasted like cow's milk or something else.

Aunt Laura said it probably tasted pretty plain but the baby sure liked it. Soon the baby was asleep and done feeding, and Aunt Laura put the baby down and then looked over at me and said "If you don't tell your mom, I'll let you have a taste. Then you can tell us what it tastes like."

My head was spinning, my heart pumping, my penis was fully erect and I stammered back "Sure I'd like to try. Let's hurry." So Laura slipped across the room, quietly locked the door and then turned around and completely took off her blouse. "Come here," she said. I walked over, put my tongue and lips on her big nipple and started sucking.

She stroked my h*** and even my cheeks a little. I thought her milk tasted kind of tasteless, but I was so horny that I didn't want to stop sucking her tits. She caressed the back of my head, my h***, my neck, and my cheeks and started to caress my ear lobes. Oh my god this started to drive me wild. I could tell she was also getting excited by our milking lesson.

She told me that women loved the feeling of having their breasts sucked, especially by handsome young men. I then started to suck the other nipple and she rubbed and caressed me some more. "You will make a good lover someday for a pretty girl, Julian," she said. I was so turned on I found myself starting to touch her belly and caress her waist and back. Then I reached down and felt her large, soft ass.

Even though she had pants on I could feel her ass and it almost felt like I was touching skin. Suddenly, I heard my mom coming down the hall and jumped back, Aunt Laura quickly unlocked the door, put on her blouse and sat on the bed.

I moved away and stood over by the window. My mom came in the room and said, "Oh I see the baby is asleep. Looks like everything went okay." I smiled and hurriedly left the room.

I didn't see aunt Laura for a couple of years after that, but when I did (I was 14) she always went out of her way to be extra friendly, compliment me on how handsome I was, tell me she wished I were her son, etc. She was always touching me and rubbing against me when she could get away with it. I was in love with her, no doubt about it. I wanted her body. I was entering puberty already and pretty soon my masturbation sessions involved me fantasizing about fucking Aunt Laura.

Aunt Laura moved away from the area for a few years with her family and I didn't hear from her at all until the summer after I turned 18. I was still fantasizing about her as I recall at that age, and I was a virgin. At that point in my life, I would have had sex with any girl I was so horny, but who I really wanted was my aunt Laura.

She came back with her family to spend some time with us at my grandfather's cabin. It was a family reunion in the mountains, and the plans had been in the works for months to make it all a great time for everyone. The family vacation at my grandfather's cabin was incredibly fun and as the days rolled by we just got lazier and lazier and I was as horny as hell thinking about my aunt.

By the end of the week, plans were made to shake things up a bit and go into town and watch a play. The problem was, my cousin was sick and someone needed to stay with her (she was only 5 at the time) and there had also been a bear sighted nearby so we were a little concerned about a bear getting into our garbage while we were gone. Aunt Laura volunteered to stay and take care of my cousin and I immediately volunteered to stay and keep an eye out for the bear.

Everyone agreed that was the best situation so the family left for town for the evening and Aunt Laura and I were left alone except for my 5 year old cousin. After about an hour, my cousin fell asleep and I carried her to her bedroom, put her in bed and closed the door. It was about 8:00 p.m. and just Aunt Laura and myself alone in the family room in the cabin.

We talked for awhile, she asked me about the girls in my life (I had no girlfriend) if I were still a virgin (oh yes) what my plans were for the future, etc. I asked her if she had been dating any new men and just general things. Aunt Laura then excused herself, went to the bathroom and then came back into the room.

I noticed when she came back that she had unbuttoned an extra couple of buttons on her blouse and removed her bra. She leaned forward a couple of times while talking and I got a view of those massive tits. I could see her hard nipples through her nylon blouse. I was soon getting a boner and fighting it hard.

Aunt Laura shifted the conversation to men and women and how important it was to have a good physical relationship in a marriage. This just made me hornier. I got up the courage to ask her "Do you remember when you let me taste your milk?" She nodded yes and said "I hope you never told your mom about that." I answered "Of course not. I can keep a secret."

A few more minutes went by as we talked some more and I thanked her for letting me taste her milk and told her that sucking her tits was the neatest thing that had ever happened to me in my entire life. She laughed and blushed.

Then she looked at me and said, "We are all alone tonight for a few hours, do you want to come upst***s to my bedroom? Maybe we can talk some more up there." Of course I wanted to, so we went upst***s, I walked behind her lusting after her large ass. My body was actually getting shaky I was so horny and my legs felt weak.

As we walked into the room Aunt Laura closed the door and locked it behind her in one quick motion. She stood before me and said "Do you want to suck my tits some more, Julian?" Oh my god did I ever! She undid her blouse and walked towards me. I reached forward and started fondling her breasts then I found myself actually kissing her madly on the mouth.

She started to undo my shirt and I took it off. We kissed and caressed each other some more. I pulled her blouse completely off and pretty soon the passion took over and I pushed her on the bed, got on top of her kissing and rubbing and grinding my pelvis and cock against her vagina. I sucked her tits good then moved down kissing her belly, undid her pants and she pulled them off. I could see that her panties were wet. I then stood up, undid my pants and let them fall to the floor.

She reached forward and pulled off my shorts. "Julian, let me suck you for a minute," she said. Aunt Laura proceeded to suck my cock, rubbed my balls and then when I was about to cum in her mouth, she stopped and took off her soaking wet panties. Her thighs were really big and soft and I was fascinated by the big cunt lips that protruded. She had shaved her pussy but left a patch of h*** above her vagina.

I dove in and licked her, rubbed her, sucked her clitoris and even went down and licked her asshole. Oh my god I was like an animal let loose. Even though I was a virgin, this all came natural to me, and I had watched enough porn to know what a woman liked. She loved it. I remember licking between her legs, looking up and seeing her tits erect, nipples hard and firm and her eyes closed with a smile on her face.

Finally, she said, "Julian, stick your big fucking cock in my cunt and fuck me good. I need this more than you will ever know." I slid my cock inside her warm, wet pussy as far as I could and pounded away. I kept going as fast and as long as I could. I was like a jack-hammer. She gasped and moaned and quivered as we fucked. Eventually I could hold it no longer and I let go releasing all that pent up cum juice inside her as far as I could shoot it. She was thrilled and shivered and let out a cry as she climaxed as well.

We just lay there together embraced with my cock still inside her for a few minutes. My muscular 18 year old fit, tan body was holding this soft, mature middle-aged woman with huge tits and large soft thighs and ass. I told her how much I loved her; she told me she loved me too.

As we unlocked from each other's embrace, we heard a car out in front. We frantically jumped up, got dressed and hurried downst***s. It was the family and they were home early since the play had been canceled. They had basically just driven to town, realized the play was canceled, stopped for ice cream and then headed home. We had finished our fucking session just in the nick of time.
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