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Default My aunty fucked nicely

I am Raj, 26, mail from Ghaziabad, UP.
I'm going to narrate you a story which is real and I have always been fantasizing this. I hope you like this. You can email your comments at:

This aff*** is basically a result of the friendship gained with a couple who loved my earlier stories on Human Digest. As always I am a guy who adores and worships women with huge butts and boobs. My policy is 'the bigger the better and wetter'! The couple whom I just mentioned are two people in complete love with each other.

Through constant interaction with them I got to know that the husband (I shall call uncle from here on) wanted me to fantasize about his wife (aunty). This was a great opportunity for me since I had been fantasizing about Aunty from the day uncle described her to me. She is one hell of a sexy lady ever seen. Her mind boggling figure of 40-32-41 would put a salute to all the cock around!!! Including mine. Let me now begin my story.

Aunty and uncle lived in the same apartment complex as I did. Their flat being opposite to mine (our front doors faced each others), I had a regular feast of Aunty's voluptuous body every day and of course I had to relieve myself each time I saw her. Aunty too knew about m y constant peeps and glances at her, and made it a point to show her assets by bending often while doing her daily chores.

I truly enjoyed the glimpses of the mammoth boobs and the huge and mountainous gaand. More often than not aunty would not wear any undergarments. These were the days I relished most, since without any inner wear her dress used to get caught in between her mountains gaand giving me a great sight of her huge globes of pleasure. Good!

How I desired to make love to those huge pieces of flesh..firm, soft and huge!
We were good friends too, and uncle used to invite me to lunch/dinner at their home. I made most of my visit and tried to catch a glimpse of Aunty's huge assets from close range as much as possible. Surely my actions were noticed by uncle, but he looked like he didn't mind it but rather liked it since he was proud of his wife.

Our meetings and sneaky glimpses etc. etc. went on for quite a few months and during this period my desire was really high make love to this apsara. The sight of aunty used to induce a terrible pain of lust in my cock. Perseverance pays they say..and the fruits of patience are all the more sweeter. It was probably that god was happy with me for something I did, since the day I was longing for finally came!

Uncle had to go on business for a week and his wife was all alone at home. Before leaving they visited home and told mother to take care of Aunty and look after her! I glanced at Aunty and saw her looking at me longingly!! I felt my cock stirring..and immediately went back to my room! Next day, being Saturday, I had the day off from office and went as usual to the gym in the morning and after a heavy workout came home tired for a good shower and lunch.

While coming out of the bathroom on the way to my room, I had to pass the hall. On my way I saw Aunty talking to mother. She was in her nightie and her back was to me. Noticing me behind her, Aunty very slowly caressed her ass with her left hand, and gradually turned around. I knew she was teasing me and I didn't hide my stare from her in any way.

Evening my parents went out and asked me to have dinner outside. As I was alone, I switched on the TV and was watching it, when I heard the phone ring. To my surprise it was Aunty, she knew about my being alone at home and asked me to come over to her place for dinner. I was excited, and quickly went to her apartment!

There when I entered, I found aunty dressed to kill! She had d****d a cotton sari with a cotton blouse very tightly around her voluptuary body. Her figure was clearly visible by the tight fit light colored sari!! When she turned around, after asking me to sit on the sofa, I saw that she wore no undergarments. Her mammoth gaand was tightly wrapped and swayed as she walked. Without doubt I had a instant hard-on.

I knew that all I needed was to wait for the right opportunity and things would fall in place!!! Aunty was a great cook and the dinner was finished quickly but not without me glancing now and then at her mammoth assets. Aunty used to serve me the dished from close to me, making sure her gaand or boobs touched me 'accidentally'!

After dinner I didn't want to waste anytime, so I started to talk Aunty into 'it'. I commented on her dressing, saying that it was tied a bit too tight and that her assets were in discomfort!!!! Aunty was surprised by my open comments but didn't mind one bit. 'So u are noticing them with intent', are you? She asked. I said that such huge assets are my weakness and the size of her boobs and ass cannot go unnoticed. Aunty smiled flirting at me.

She asked me what dressed I liked to see her in!! I told her that I would love to see her in a downsized bra and string bikini! By now I could notice Aunty had sweat around her lips, signs of her getting excited!! She told me that she would wear them for my sake but on one condition I had to wear the dress she would give me!>!! I was too excited to think about it, and said yes!!

She then went back to her room and came with the smallest jockey underwear and handed it to me!!! As I took it from her, she asked me to change into it, wear only the underwear and come to her room!!! I quickly went into the bathroom and changed. The undies was very tight around my butts, but was quite loose at the front. But the cloth literally 'lifted' by ball and the cock upfront.

I am sure, that any erection would be clearly noticed Aunty was definitely playing a game here. I didn't mind one bit!! I then went to her room, which was dark, and when I entered, I heard Aunty telling me to close the door. As I closed it Aunty flicked on the bed light, and in the dime light I could see her standing at the edge of the bed in front of a mirror, she was facing me and had covered herself with a towel.

As I walked toward her for a closer look, Aunty then flicked on the dressing table light and simultaneously dropped her towel! Lo and behold!!!! As promised she was wearing the smallest bra and a teeny-weeny string bikini!!! Her huge boobs were pushed out 75% with the nipples standing out of the bra, and her huge thunderous thighs hiding the string bikini! I felt myself stirring in my undie and aunty saw it too and was aroused!!

Her nipples started to grow above her bra-line!! Here we were, two people who desperately wanted each other and were holding back, but not able to hold back our sex organs.. I went to almost full erection in not time, only the tight undies, preventing growth. It started to pain….and aunty too was arousd, with her nipples stading upright pointing/pushed upwards by her tight bra. As I moved in to grab her she turned around quickly and cupped her mammoth bums!!!

The string bikini were now here to be seen between the huge pillows of pleasure! I pulled her to me and crushed my burning organ into her mammoth, soft and wide gaand! I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me and showered burning kisses on her neck from behind!!! Aunty in turn showed no inhibitions, she snaked her hand and grabbed my ass and pulled me into her with her right hand!

With her left she reached down between my legs and grabbed my dick and balls savagely, squeezing it! The pain and pleasure had me gasping, and instinctively I grabbed her nipples between my fingers and squeezed hard! For a good 2-3mins, we were savagely fondling each others organs, and enjoying the pain and pleasure! Then I turned her around and grabbing her cheeks, I shoved my tongue into her violently!!

Aunty loved my savageness…and responded by pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. We Frenched each other and during this my hand went down into the cleavage between her mammoth gaand. I shoved my forefinger into cleft and slowly pushed it into her hot and extra tight arsehole!

My actions made Aunty jump,,..Mmm she said and quickly shoved her hand into my undie from backside and grabbed my balls! She massaged by balls as I started to finger fuck her tight arsehole!! And then she came I could feel her warm cum wetting the region between her butts and spill onto my hand! Aunty still continued to explore my mouth with her hot tongue!

Slowly, she regained her senses, and we disengaged! We were both sweating after our workout!! And my body glistened in the dark due to the sweat. Aunty slowly rubbed her hand on my chest and circled my hardened nipples!! How long have you been working out?, she asked. About 6years now, I said! You need to keep the muscles stretched and relaxed after workout, how do u do it, she asked.

I told her that I went to the massage parlor each Saturday, but this week I missed it as I was with her! Will it be Ok if I give u a massage, she asked, with a sexy smile! Not to loose out on what I was getting, I immediately agreed Aunty then led me to the bathroom, all the while with me ogling her mountainous backside which was completely drowning her string bikini!

My hard-on was hurting me more and more and I didn't know how much longer I could remain in the tight underwear! Once we reached the bathroom, Aunty quickly closed the door, and got out a bottle of oil from the cabinet!! Together we poured generously onto our palms and tore the last of the undergarments on our body. My cock sprung out like a spring and aunties huge tits and mountainous buttocks came thundering out!

Aunty instinctively pulled me to her and kissing me roughly and intense lt she rubbed her oily palm on my hard buttocks! I did the same by roughly grabbing her mammoth butts with my oily hands. Our actions aroused us even more now and Aunty took it to the next height by shoving her palms under my butts and grabbing my aching balls. She started to squeeze my balls lovingly but roughly!!

Soon we started to soak our hot bodies in oil and then I made my move I immediately lifted her and laid her down on the pile of clothes on the floors and plunged into her between her soaking and drenched pussy! Aunty screamed and thrust her burning cunt into my face and then her thunderous thighs shook violently as orgasm after orgasm raked her body.

I pulled on her cunt lips savagely and with my hands pinched her extra tight nipples…till they became red in color! As I continued to ravage her melting pussy..aunty hissed out to me to get into a 69 position..I released her cunt form my mouth and immediately she pushed me onto the floor and got into a 69! She grabbed my hard and aching cock in her mouth and simultaneously shoved her mammoth ass into my face!

Instantly I inserted my middle finger into her burning butt hole and shoved my tongue onto her dripping pussy my action only made Aunty even more animal like and she sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner the pain and pleasure got to me and I came with a was such an intense orgasm that Aunty had to really grip my cock hard to keep it steady while I emptied it into her mouth.

She swallowed as much as she could and at the same time poured out another round of sweet cum into my mouth! Our steaming session had us gasping for breath and we lay in this position to recover! Her buttocks gently bobbing up and down on my face and her soft thunder thighs still locking my head in between them!! We both slowly got up and Aunty went out to the kitchen to get some lime juice.

As I moved to sit on the edge of a stool in the room, I watched aunties mountainous buttock roll and sway gently as she walked and of course..this started to cause a stir in my loins once again! I knew my cock desperately needed those huge mountains and I knew I would get it soon!!

Aunty returned with two refreshing glasses of juice and as she walked in her I couldn't help but notice her huge boobs with tight nipples bounce up and down! This was enough to get my cock erect again..I made no attempt to hide my erection from Aunty and she saw what was in store for the next round..and she flushed as she handed me the drink.

After drinking it rather quickly, I went behind aunty and hugged her, making sure my manhood was crushed in between her huge mounds of flesh. The oil applied helped slide my cock into place and Aunty pushed back to savor the moment. I knew that she was ready to be taken from behind and we were getting ready for that!

My hands now started their slow rhythmic presses on her breasts and aunty reciprocated by squeezing my balls!! Our actions made us get in heat and I slowly pushed aunty onto her fours (on the carpet). She was now like a horse waiting to be mounted! I pushed two fingers into her wetting cunt and started to kiss her mountainous butts. I licked her huge flesh mounds and kissed her anus. The oil and saliva made her anus and butts glow!

Aunty was now getting desperate and moaned.."Give it to me now, my love"!! I need it!! I quickly positioned my dick head at her anal entrance and then slowly pushed forward. I did this slowly not to hurt her, but aunty was in no mood. "Push it hard, all the way" she groaned! I then grabbed her mighty butts and pushed hard…the lubricants did their job and I buried my shaft deep into her butts..Ohhhh' she cried.

Aunty's head lifted up by the assault and she pushed back hard! I had to hold tight to her hips for support, from falling back..and pushed bak! "Yes! Fuck me hard give your big cock to me" she said! I then started to push in and out of her buttocks mercilessly!! My balls slammed into her buttocks in tune with her pushes!! "Yes…said Aunty!!

She grabbed my hand and pushed it towards her cunt hole which was dripping with cum and I shoved in three fingers mercilessly aaaaa..yes push it in harder", she said!! And I savagely pumped her!! The heat in the room was intense now..both of us sweating and our glistening bodies moving in tandem with one another…and then after pumping for 10 mins!

I felt a gush of cum on my fingers! "Harder….I am coming!! Aunty screamed too sensed my eruption and after few more savage strokes…shoved my dick fully into her buttocks and at the same time pushed my three fingers into her dripping cunt! Both of us then erupted simultaneously!

And our bodies trembled like in a quake! I shot loads and loads of hot cum into Aunty's red-hot buttocks, and she in turn coated my fingers with hot cum!! Our bodies were glued at her buttocks and we held ourselves like this for sometime…till the tremors subsided!
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