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Default With my Friend's Sister


Hi this is Kishore from Hyderabad. This is my real story happened to me at the age of 19, when am studying my b tech 1st year. My best friend sister was 12th then. Here how it goes..when i am studying btech 1st year i use go to my friend's house regularly to play cricket , video games and to chitchat about girls. My best friend has a younger sister who is studying 12th class then. She used call me bhayya as i am her bother's friend. Initially i don't have any bad intentions towards her. One day when i went to his house my friend was not there at that time. And her parents both were working at some Govt office. At that time she is alone in the house when i rang door bell. She opened the door and her face filled with happiness after seeing me and said kishore bhayya come in. I went and sat in a couch. Then she said her brother was not there in the house, he went to some other town to visit there mama's house. I said ok then i will come later.

She said no problem bhayya even i am feeling bore to stay alone lets play some video games. I said oh k we will. We played video game for a while and start chatting regarding her studies and mine. I forget to say we will use her name as sandhya ( changed). I had a crush on her one of her friend i use to see her with sandhya few times before and i thought this is the right time to ask about her. And i asked her how is rajini doing? She said she is doing good.. oh you know rajini before ? I said yeah she lives near to my house ! she said oh really she never said that to me. I said oh she doesn't know me. Sandhya got that and said now i got it you had crush on her right ? I said yes with some little blushing. Let me describe how sandhya looks she is around 5 feet 3 inches with nice and tight tits and round ass. may be her figure is 30-24-32. And she asked shall we call now her on phone ?

I was shocked and said ok but i don't speak you have to speak and i will listen her voice. Sandhya said ok lets see and she called her home. The girl lifted and she spoke to her for a while and said she found some guy who is mad of her and immediately she asked who is that? she signed me with eyes like shall tell your name ? I pleaded noooo. then smiled and said we will talk regarding that when we met and hang off the phone.. and I jumped from the seat with happiness after she cut the phone. And she teased me for a while and she asked me what you like in her.

I said he face look cute. Sandhya said ok what else you liked? I said didn't talk to her yet know, so i can't say what she is. She said do you liked only her face ? I said yeah it look cute right ? Sandhya: "yeah , but normally when guys look at girls i think you guys look some other things rather than face right ?" I was shocked and that is the firtst time i got concentration on her boobs, they were young,stiff and round. I said yeah but here i looked her face only. She said don't lie me bhayya. tell me what you look in a girl when you first see her. I said eyes. sandhya: " ok next" I said lips Sandhya: ok next. I said "total face"sandhya: " ok next" I griped some courage and said below neck. Sandhya "smiled and said thats the place normally guys see on first look bhayya". I said no i normally look at face. She smiled and said even bhayya you have looked at mine just before. I was shocked and said hey noo sandhya. Sandhya: don't lie me, i catched your sight. I don't have a chance to lie there and said yes.

Then she said bhayya now tell do you think i am pretty or my friend. I smiled and said you only. Sandhya: " you are again trying to lie" Tell me the truth . I said i never see you in that way. Sandhya: " take look now and tell bhayya" and she stood up from couch and trying to showcase her figure. I said both are good. Sandhya:" what do you like in me?" I said your lips. Her lips really too red and juicy. Sandhya: smiled and said next. I said here figure. Sandhya: Means ? I said below neck part. Sandhya: blushed and said bhayya do you think i am really good at them? i saw some disappointment in her face. I said yes sandhya. She said i have less size than my friend's. I said no sandhya your's is good. sandhya: no bhayya ! my friend's use to tease regarding this. I said no sandhya you are good.

With this conversation my 8 inch dick was getting attention trying to build it's full size. My dick so thick when it is in erection it is very hard to hide.Sandhya:"No bhayya" and she started ****** sitting beside me. I was trying to console her and said her boobs size is good in size sandhya believe me. That is the first time i touched her. I wiped her tears out. Her cheeks were too much smoothy. She still ******. I said no sandhya see these are really good and in an emotion i caught one of her boob and said see these are good. Immediately i got a shock in my whole body that is the first time i have ever caught a girl boob.

Even sandhya got shocked we depart each other on couch immediately. Her face became apple red. we were not able to see in to our faces directly thinking what had happened just before. In my inner soul i am thinking " what the fuck i have caught a girl boob?" really?" ! for some while silence have lead the time. I have broken the silence with a "Sorry". I was so worried about her reaction.I will continue the next part with what happened next according to your comments. Please leave your valuable comments at Any hot Telugu girls can contact me for nice erotic chat on phone. See you guys will wait for your valuable comments..thanks.
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