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Default Daddy, that feels so good

olyne Crawfordwas an exceptionally attractive young blonde teenager. Her parents weredivorced, and she lived with her mother who spent most of her time in bed withvarious men whom she brought home with her.

The highlight ofJolyne's life was the one weekend of the month that she stayed with her dad.Shortly after her parents were divorced, Jolyne's father had taught her how tosuck him off. Although she was a virgin, the cute little blonde and her dad hadbeen enjoying oral sex ever since then.

The followingSaturday morning when Jolyne arrived at her father's house for the weekend, shewas greeted at the door by his redheaded secretary, Paula Martin. It wasobvious from her robe and mussed h*** that the young lady had spent the nightthere.

"Hi,Paula," beamed the youngster, thinking how pretty her dad's secretary was.

"Hello,Jolyne." The woman yawned, rubbing her eyes. "Come on in. I didn'trealize it was so late."

"Hi,darling," her dad greeted his daughter in a robe as Paula walked up to thebedroom to dress. "I guess we overslept."

"It sortalooks that way," giggled Jolyne. "Did you have a good time?"

"We suredid," grinned her dad. "She's quite a girl."

A few minuteslater, Paula reentered the room, looking quite fresh in a cute summer dress.

"Thanks fora lovely night, Michael," she whispered as she kissed the man on thecheek. "See you in the office Monday."

"Bye,Paula." Jolyne smiled as the pretty redhead moved toward the door.

"So long,honey," Paula beamed. "And have a nice weekend with your dad."

"She's surenice," sighed the youngster when the young lady had gone.

"Shecertainly is," her father answered. "Are you going to marryher?"

"I don'tknow," he said in a low, thoughtful voice. "I am twenty years olderthan she is, but right now I'm happy you're here."

"Daddy?"she asked, smiling at him. "Have you had your bath yet this morning?"

"Nope,"he grinned. "I was waiting for you so we could bathe together."

"Oh,good!" beamed the cute little blonde as she excitedly followed herhandsome father up to the bathroom.

Taking a bathwith her father was the most exciting thing in the world for the young girl.She loved the way he teased and soaped her naked flesh.

Staringunashamedly at each other, father and daughter quickly disrobed while he ranthe water into the tub.

"Ready?"he whispered, helping Jolyne into the tub when it was filled.

Jolyne's cutelittle body slowly relaxed as she settled down into the water with her father.Sitting between his legs with her back to him, she rested her head against hischest. Reaching around her, Michael began lovingly washing her firm tits withthe soapy washcloth. She could feel her nipples swelling erectly as her fatherworked the warm slippery suds around the tingling nakedness of her adolescenttits. There was a feel about it that sent wild shudders racing all through herbody.

"Mmmmmmm,"she whimpered. "That feels so good."

"I'mglad," he whispered, pressing his face into the back of her freshlyscented h***. "Because I love you so much, honey."

A delicioustremor shook her young body when he put down the washcloth and cupped her soapylittle tits in each of his big strong hands. He smoothed the suds over herslippery tit flesh, tenderly working her big soap-lathered nipples in and outbetween his constantly moving fingers.

The exquisite joyhe was bringing to her was almost blowing his daughter's mind. The film of softsuds between his hands and her naked flesh added to the intense pleasure of hispassionate caresses. As he continued, it felt to the girl as if her eroticallyswollen nipples were going to explode. The feel of his big hard prick throbbingagainst her back only added to the intense excitement.

"Oooooooh,shit, Daddy." she sobbed. "That feels so fucking good!"

"And yourcute little titties feel so fucking good," her father whispered into herear, his fingers still kneading her soap-lathered tits.

After severaldelicious moments had passed, he asked Jolyne to get on her knees. His stiffcock jerked wildly as he stared excitedly at the soft little ass of hiskneeling daughter. Once more soaping the washcloth, he began working it aroundand into the soft crevice between her little asscheeks.

When the younggirl's cute little ass was completely covered with suds, he discarded the clothand began working his hands and fingers around and into the sort, soap-coveredflesh. Goosing his finger between her legs, he tenderly worked it up throughthe sensitive crevice between the little cheeks of her ass, letting it teasemomentarily around her sudsy little shitter.

Trembling withdelight as his hands and fingers toyed and teased her bare soapy flesh.Jolyne's sweet young ass was quivering excitedly from the wild pleasure he wasgiving her with his loving hands.

"Turnaround," he whispered.

When his youngdaughter was facing him on her knees, he stared excitedly at her littlegold-fringed twat. Again soaping the cloth, he gently lathered her inner thighsand up between her legs.

"Mmmmmmm,"she moaned as he brushed the cloth over her excited little pussy. "Thatfeels so good."

Again droppingthe cloth, he began spreading the suds around her thighs and cunt with his barehands, letting his finger dip into her cunt as he tenderly slid over it.Lathering her soft mound of blonde pussy h***s, he could feel his big prickthrobbing wildly between his legs.

"God,Daddy," she giggled, staring at his big lust-bloated boner. "You'vereally got a hard-on!"

"I know,"he panted as he excitedly worked his finger around in her soapy little twat.

"Daddy,"she whispered. "Get up on your knees so I can wash your prick."

When her fatherhad done as she asked, Jolyne began lathering his big cock and balls, workingthe suds into the thick mat of crinkly h*** at the base of his shaft. She couldsee the excitement in her father's eyes as she slid her hands up and down overhis slippery soap-coated dick. It was exciting to feel the suds squishingbetween her fingers and his prick. She loved the feel of his hard slipperyflesh as she lovingly massaged his boner. Releasing his stiff prick, Jolyneworked her fingers around his lather-covered nut-sac. The softness of hiscrinkly balls was doubly enhanced by the thick suds that covered his skin andh***.

After thoroughlywashing each other, they got out of the tub, and her father gently toweled herwhile she dried him.

"I love you,Daddy," she whispered, looking up into his lust-filled eyes.

Wrapping hisnaked daughter in a big dry towel, her father carried her into the bedroom andgently placed her on the bed. Stroking her long blonde h***, he began plantinglittle butterfly- like kisses on her forehead, on the quivering lids of hereyes, across her sweet dimpled cheeks and finally on the tip of her cuteturned-up nose.

"Oh,Daddy," she whispered. "You're the most wonderful father in the wholeworld."

"And you'rethe sweetest little daughter in the world," he whispered, softly pressinghis mouth to her moistly parted lips.

An excitingtingle raced through his loins as she teasingly slipped her tongue into hismouth. Gently massaging the back of her neck with his fingers, he begannibbling lightly against the softness of the child's throat.

"Oooooooh,Daddy, that feels so good!" she whimpered as waves of tingling pleasurewashed through her body.
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