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Default Married sister with milk

Hi I am Raj from Hubli (Karnataka). The story which I am narrating here happened few months back with my married sister Anu. Let me tell about Anu. Anu is 4 years elder to me and happily married a businessman Gaurav who hails from Bangalore. She has a 2 month baby. She is very sexy about which I didn’t think at that time. She has dying figure with 38 size boobs and big buttocks.

When somebody looks at her, first look will be to her breasts then on her buttocks. Before starting with the story let me tell you about my BIL family. My BIL and my sister stay with their parents and BIL’s younger sister Preethi. In my sister’s marriage I have seen Preethi for the first time. “Oh God what beauty she was”? I could not take my eyes from here. I tried getting her attention a lot in the marriage ceremony.
I think I was in love with her. But I had not the courage to express this so suddenly. So I was waiting for the right opportunity to speak with her. After my sister’s marriage Gaurav introduced her to me. Soon she began to be very friendly with me. We shared our cell numbers. We chatted daily in the phones without any proper reasons. But it was so sweet to chat with sweet girl.

All these things I shared with my sister by saying that “I Love her.

My sister said express it to her, if she says ok then from their side no problem will come.

I was hesitant to express my love towards her. Somehow I managed and proposed her for which did not respond at the moment. But next day she called me and complained why I did not call her whole day and there is no single SMS’s. Then she said “I miss you and I love you too”. I was in heaven man.

My girl accepted me as her life partner. From that day we shared everything and we were romancing over the phone like kissing and speaking about sex too. But I wanted hang up with her and speak. I have an opportunity of my sister’s child naming ceremony for which she is also coming from Bangalore. But on that something else happened with my sister which changed my behaviour towards her.

Let me come to story. My sister is staying in our house because our family wished her first delivery should me in our home. We planned to organise the naming ceremony for her child and we invited all our relatives. We have lot of relatives so that our house occupied fully.

On the day of ceremony house is filled with relatives and neighbours, even there was no place to move here and there.

After the ceremony my Gaurav went out with dad to bring something. My sister told she needs some rest and she does not know where her husband went. Meantime I wanted to explore Preethi, so in a small paper I wrote “Come to Store Room” and gave it to our neighbour kid and told “Give it to Aunty”. That is the mistake I did which came in favour of me. I did not tell that child to give to Preethi aunty.

So he gave it my sister. When my sister read that paper, she thought it’s her husband who wants some relief for his cock so he might be waiting for me in Store room. She slept the baby and came to Store Room where I was waiting. Because of function we moved all the unwanted things to store room. So there was not much space in that room. My sister opened the door and came inside.

The room was full dark so she didn’t recognise me and so I. When she came in I grabbed her and closed the door and started to kiss her in such a fast way that even she could not speak anything. I started to increase the speed of my kiss; slowly she started to respond for my kiss. Oh God I was in heaven because her juice lips were mine. Slowly I took my hand to her big breasts and started pressing them.

I felt strange that Preethi’s boobs are not this much bigger. But I did not bother too much because response was so well from that side. I began pressing her breast one after the other. Then while kissing i started to open her blouse buttons one by one. I completely removed her blouse and threw on ground then started to unhook her bra. After removing her bra she took my mouth to her right breast signalling to suck them.

Before starting to suck I took her right hand and directed towards my 8 inch cock over my pant. She started to rub it and she was not able to measure the exact size of my dick over my pant. Mean time I started to suck her breasts. I got utter shock and stopped sucking the breast because Milk was oozing from that breast. By the time I knew it’s my sister who is here not Preethi.

I was in terrible shock because till that day I have not imagined my sister in that way. So I was in dilemma to continue this act or not, but she again guided my mouth to her breast which gave little courage to me and started to suck her breast like mad one by one and drank all her milk. She started to unbutton my pant for which I got little shiver.
She brought down my pant and inserted her hand into my boxers which was erected to maximum extent. She took it in hand and got puzzled because her hubby cock is very small compared to me (which she told later). So she stopped for a moment. I got scared. But after some seconds she continued to stroke it which was giving me im****e pleasure.

Her hand pumped my thick organ up and down. I think it thrilled her to stroke a cock other than her husband. In need of no further encouragement, my sister moved into a kneeling position bringing her face near the swollen prick jutting up between mine legs. Her lips moved down and kissed the tip of the dick. Her lips oval and stretched wide and encircled my cock head hungrily with her warm lips, trying to capture its entire length in her eagerly salivating mouth. “Mmm” she purred,” Mmmm”.

Sister sucked deeply into her hot, saliva filled cavern that it nearly choked her, but she twisted her head enough to catch her breath, then began feverishly ******* her tongue up and down the soft underside of my prick and felt it throb and pulse to her touch.

She tasted the pungent tang of the seeping lubricating fluid oozing from the split of its tip.

After 10 min I took my dick out of her mouth and started to kiss her again to which she responded even more vigorously. While kissing I lifted her sari to her waist and inserted my fingers inside her panty and rubbed my fingers on her vagina.

She has saved her pussy clean. Slowly I inserted my fore-finger and started to finger fuck. She was moaning like Ahhhh Mmmm. then I closed her moans with my lips. It went on for 15 min in which she cummed twice because of my finger fuck. Then I bent down and threw out her panty. I went to her cunt and with two fingers parted the lips of vagina. I started to lick her pink part thoroughly and began to nibble at her clitoris.

Oh my God! She was moaning like a hot bitch as I sucked the clit. I pushed two fingers inside and fucked her with them I was treating her cunt like as using a music instrument, sometimes sucking her cunt and sometimes put two fingers inside. She caught hold of my head and trapped me between her thighs forcing me to eat her dish. I inserted one of my fingers in her asshole as continuing sucking her clitoris.

She was shouting like”ahhh” and began to cum on my face and tongue. The heat inside me was becoming unbearable as we again got involved in a wild smooch. Then she was fully aroused and even she don wanted a single minute to waste. She bent down like dog and guided my dick to her pussy as she was in uncontrollable mood. Slowly I inserted my cock inside her pussy.

My cock reached her hymen.

She tried to stop me as it was giving little pain to her. But I ignored her. I took out my cock waited to catch my breath and again pushed it in with full force. She screamed, “Oh God, help me.” My hands were all over her lush body, gripping her breasts. When I started to move in & out of my cock, the poor sister would let out a terrible moan ‘mmmmmaaaaaaaa…’

My sister was very excited indeed, and had her juice flowing. My cock was moving easily inside her wet pussy. Then I said myself, “Akka, you are going to feel my whole cock in your pussy you will love it I think your husband does not know how to give pleasure by fucking you hard. I will give that pleasure. I am damn sure you will enjoy your brother’s cock more than your husband’s”.

Now my cock was completely inside the warm pussy of my sister. I started to hump her and increased my speed. My sister loved my cock ramming into her pussy as she thrust her cunt on my cock. She was giving moans like “Fuck meee hard ahhhhmmm, fuck me deep inside ahhhhhhhhhh I continued fucking her for another 15 minutes.

Now I knew sister was nearing her orgasm. I fucked with a renewed fury. Fucking sister was even sweeter than I had thought it was. I stroked her nipples hard till she cried out, “Ohhh Mmmmm. Then she said she is coming and I speeded my act and at the same time both relieved our juices. Then slowly we lay down in small space and slept for 20 minutes. Still my cock was inside her pussy and I was giving a good massage to her both breasts.

Then she rolled towards me and gave her breasts to my mouth. I sucked her both breasts and drink all her milk. After 10 minutes we got up and cleaned ourselves and got dressed. Then she switched on the light to see who fucked her till now. She was in utter shock see me there. Her mouth was wide opened by this. We were standing like this for a couple of seconds. Then I got little courage and again started to kiss her by closing her opened mouth by my lips.

Slowly she too responded very well. Then I knew my sister is a Horney bitch who wants to get banged by somebody. It was very lucky moment to get a sexy lady like her. I began to explore her breasts again for which she was raising her chest above to give me good access. We kissed and smooched for 10 min.

After that we kept a pause to our act and she left store room without telling anything. I was smiling at her back and said “Sister a lot more to come from me. I will bang you like a whore”. I knew in future am going to fuck her every hole and drink maximum of her milk and juices.
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