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Default first time sex with sister in law

I am Raj from Gujarat, 20 years old and I am telling you your first sexual experience.

My sister in law Sony, whose age is not much to me, looks very cool and playful and the range seems to be even more beautiful.

I was always thinking of sex with both but was afraid.

Summer season, the brother and sister were in office at the school!

I am launching my sister were at home, I was doing some work on the computer when she got the voice, speech - Rohit, go get milk.

I went to Milk Lane. Did come a little later - in law, the milk is over, did not.

She said - oh, I had to make tea! Okay, no problem.

Then I went to work on the computer.

After a while she came and said - go have tea.

I am surprised to see tea, tea with milk, I asked - she already had milk?

She said - no.

I said - the tea?

She Just Got Milk.

I insisted I could not understand and began to ask her to bid - if you say no?

I: No law, you do so.

She: Oh I'm a woman, I always have milk.

Me: do you mean?

sister: a woman feeds her baby where?

I: law you are breast-fed me, I will not drink.
She: Why do not taste good? So let's say your brother is very sweet. And I have made so many times the milk tea.

I understand what I say I did not.

Law: what happened? Were blushing?

Me: She do not like it.

sister: Yes, and you do a good job and I always waste my Panties?

Me: do you mean?

Law: Do not be naive, I myself have seen that you can sniff my Panties Panties Mut hit and then I dropped to give his semen.

I got water in shame, I did not understand what's going to answer.

Law: what happened? I know that you're always thinking about me. Tell me, am I lying?

I did not answer anything, but she was completely exposed.

She: Oh why are you afraid of?

I took her in their arms and said - do not know!

Then I placed my lips on her lips and continued to kiss up to five minutes.

Then I started kissing her cheek and around and put his hand on her tit harder to Mslta.

We soon parted ways, I saw the door was open and she reaches the point H and I in thinking that when we get a chance.

bister came and said to come in the evening - I do office work to Bangalore, will be back in 4-5 days.

So to hear that my heart was overjoyed.
About ten o'clock I left the ***port brother, ate dinner with the brother directly so we all went to sleep.

Where I was coming to sleep, my mind was that she leave the room, but was not courage, rather than take a look at the range!

Then I started going to the bathroom to kill Mut. Public bathroom door was horrible so it always remains open, I opened the door and in to see the sight I was crazy.

Type in a strange frame with wood inside your body - were out.

It is my view that her body seemed to be desperate to come out of my lungi.

So in the range up to see eye open and I was hooked. I immediately asked without arms around her and said - the border, do not stop me now!

And it was saying to her lips to kiss and felt her nipple with one hand.

Tit virgin because she was quite strict compared to Sony. Also try not to limit the release and started supporting me.

Then I removed her shirt, she was just a bra.

He was taken from his pants and panty.

Then I laid her in the bathroom and started sucking her nipple.

Then I kissed her whole body and hand to touch. It was quite fun.

Then I took my vest and opened his lungi and asked her sucking.

At first she was saying no to my insistence she agreed.

Chuswana she sounded great to me.
Then I sat between his legs and his hands caressed her and took her hand. She was also Ctwana it looks great.

Then I asked to be mare.

He quickly became the mare. I placed my cock at her and said - the border, is the first ever Chudwai?

Limit: No brother, I'm Tools the first time from you.

I said - so be it! Now I'm going to kick ass in your mouth. At the beginning will be a little painful to endure.

Then I slowly started to push and push a strong hit, I was half-cock into her pussy. She woke up screaming badly, I was scared.

Then I drove her in the face and then hit a big push. He wanted to shout with might and could not scream.

I was shock to many without care.

Now in her comfortable - thought to be out of range and less pain, began to tease him.

Chodta like I was about ten minutes and then we both got carried away.

We cling to each other while you are lying, then she - brother, today I loved it! You fuck me everyday.

I said - why not! Now I am better than you and Chodunga Choduँga day. Today was the first time not so much today.

Then he tried to get up but could not get up. I was hurting too much, yet I get naked in her room and picked up his room.

Maybe some of the story of how I've done to my sister in law and have group sex.

Did you like my story, of course inform me.

The End
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