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Default Hubby Had Great Fun In Holi

This is payal, the story is about my hubby's holi celebration in his susral (father-in-law's house). I hope that you would enjoy this true story about my hubby Akhil. the women interested in fun with my hubby can write me.

After a month long honeymoon we, I and my hubby Akhil came back to my parents place for celebrating holi as it's custom that bride's first holi should be at her parent's place. During honeymoon too, Akhil used to tell me that in holi she will not leave Rima and take full revenge, and I should not feel bad. (Rima, my cousin sister,15 and her friends had teased there jijaji during my marriage. They not only sang most lewd gali's (songs sung during marriages, these songs are full of lewdness and very hot) led by my bhabhi in which a detailed description of Akhil's sister's were made that how they had been fucked not only by hundred's of gunda's but even by horses and donkeys. Even Akhil himself had taken his sister. They specially made her cousin sister anjali there target and played many pranks). I will reply in jest, "main kun hun jija sali ke bich aur han agar tumne nahin liya to shayad bura man jaun" .Rima, my bhabhi sudha and my parents had come to receive us.

Rima was in very tight top and skirt. Her eyes were gleaming looking at her jijaji.He hugged and pinched her gore gore gal and said "sali ji abki holi main to dalvana padega , bach nahin payiega".

She rolled her eyes, smiled and retorted; "Bachana kaun ssali chati hai jija ji . Han main to dalungi bhi aur dalvaungi bhi".Mood was festive and full of jokes. My hubby is a good cricketer too. Bhabhi asked him" nandoi ji kaisi pitch thi aur kitne run banaye honeymoon main, century banin ki nahin". Looking at me in the same mood he replied "thanks to You bhabhi ji, pitch had no grass the way I like. And century, I must have made at least 125 not including hits behind the wickets, where also at least a dozen time I must have hit. And best part is pitch ever remained fresh for hard hitting".

Bhabhi indicating at my sis Rima's growing teen joban said "and How do you like new ball.Staring at Rima's boobs he answered "very much bhabhi I like to rub them and even at looking them my finger's are already itching. Only thing is You have to use some saliva but my mouth is already salivating. But I like old balls too as they respond very well especially with two fine legs and a deep gully in between, and now he was looking inside bhabi;s very low cut choli from where his mast gore gore joban were peeping. Rima smiled and asked "Jijaji tab to apko apni anjali ki ball bahut achi lagti hogi". Bhabhi added" are kya bolti ho sare sahar ke ladkon ne to usese practice ki".

Even during dinner sex was in ***, everybody was using innuendo and undercurrent was very strong. Even my mother instigated bhabhi by saying "are tumahre nandoi kya sukhe sukhe khana kha lenge.Gali vali nahin hogi.

Bhbhi never required encouragement..First it was Rajiva's mother:

"akhil ke mama, Akhil ke Sasur, aangan main ayye,

Aane ko swagat, Baithan ko kursi Khane ko khana, pine ko pani,

Aare sone ko, sang sone ko , maja lene ko

akhil ki mere nandoi ki amma raji re,

Akhil hamare nandoi hamare agan main aaye kamre aaye,

Bathan ko kursi khane ko khana,pine ko pani,

Are sang soven ko maja lene ko taang uthane ko rat chaudane ko

Nandoi ki bahana, are anjali sali are anjali chinar raji re.

Songs became hotter and hotter.My hubby too was enjoying and he reduced his speed to ensure that stock of songs finish. Bhabhi asked him "nandoi ji abki aap holi main apne maike main nahin honge to apki behan kiski pichkari pakdengi".

Rima quipped bhbhi ypu did not see the news paper, in his city price of candles and brinjals have skyrocketed. Rima was in a tight cotton frock which would have been fit at least two years earlier ,was simply looking gorgeous. When she got up to pour something I saw that her three front buttons were open and her milky globes were clearly visible. Her bechare jijaji were transfixed and she poured in her katori. Bhabhi commented" poora dalna nand rani tumahre jija ji aur inki behnon ko adha dalvane main maj nahin aata". My parents left the same night and only we rima and sudha bhabhi were left. So whatever little restaints were, als! o vanished.

Next day morning after finishing our breakfast we were sitting in cortyard(aangan).Rima's three saheli's , Neera, Neetu and Rambha came. Neera was in a very tight top and not only her bresst but even nipples could be seen.

She was wearing a micro skirt .Neetu was in a traditional dress but her red choli was back less low cut showing her cleavage and tightly hugging her young joban .She was wearing a saree clinging to her body and tied much much below her navel.

But most gorgeous looking was her tank top and very tight jeans hugging her hip and even crack of ass was clearly seen, Her boobs were much bigger in comparison to other friends at least 34c.Bhbhi quipped 'aa gayi nanda raniya holi main hamare nandoi se chudvane." Akhil invited them to sit close to him and neetu said "aare jiaji pas main kyon aapke god main baithte hain" and she sat in his lap.He ! too did not lost any time and started caressing her joban over her tight choli and whispered 'in bechare kabotaron ko kabse band karke rakhi ho jara kholo na, " and pulled open the strings .He grabbed her choonchin and told bhabhi "bhabhi apne sach kaha tha nayi ball aur uthti chochiyon ka maja hi kuch aur hai, Bhbhi brought gujhiyan thandai ( all laced with good dose of bhang ).

Neera said :itni saliyon ke hote jijia ji apne hathon se khayen, and she took a piece and told in a husky voice "poora kholiye jija ab sali ke dalne ki bari hai, "He told "Sali ji main dalva lunga agar aao apne rasile lips main lekar khilayen." She agreed but he took her juicy passionate lips between his lips sucked hard and bit.

Rima had already made plan to drench his jija with bhabhi .Neetu and neera held his one hand and rambha and rima gripped other .Bhabhi pulled out his kurta, made him topless. He was struggling but I winked and indicated him to surrender to these young salis.

They tied his hand and it was difficult for him to wriggle .Neetu took red paint and rubbed on his face and pinched his cheeks and commented "jab jija ke gal malne main itna maja aa raha hai to unki behan kitna ras lekar malvati hogi." Neera was rubbing her broad chest and shoulders with red color and rambha had taken responsibility of back and his legs still hidden under pajama. Bhabhi was exhorting "nandoi sale ki ek inch bachne na paye".Rambha complained bhbhi p*** to pajame main.

Bhabi ordered khol do usko bhi .Neetu untied his pajama and rima along with rambha pulled it down. He was now only in a tiny brief and his manhood was clearly visible. Ater! red he was fully given a coat of black and his this rambha paintedhis tis in shining golden. Babhi pulled his brief and Neetu poured a bucket of color in it.

Bhabhi smeared her hands with paint and inserted from the backside of brief and colored his tight small ass and even inserted a finger deep inside. She asked :hai koi chinar nand jo kutub minar ko bhi rang laga sake "Both Neetu and neera responded in action gripped his lund in brief and painted it red, even balls were not spared.

They carried him to a pond prepared for this purpose in the aangan itself full of color and dropped him there, after removing his brief too. Bhabhi loosened his knot gefore putting him in.

Bhabhi now attacked her nand and said "saliyon ab tum log bhi to apna maal dikho".She gripped Neetu first whose choli was anyway opened by rajiva.She pulled away her choli and cupped her boobs in bra and showed it to Akhil "nandoi ji apni sali ki mast chonchiyon ka darshan kar lijiye" and removed bra too,Her other hand pulled down her saree and she was now only in a saya. Next went neetu's top and skirt . She wanted to hide her boobs but both neetu and bhabhi griiped her and displayed it to jija in pond. But now nands too combined.. Neetu and Rima gripped bhabhi's hands and Rambha pulled her saree .Neera in no time opened her bra . Neetu left! her hand and untied her saya and pulled it down.

Rambha was undressed by neetu and neera and rima too bid good bye to most of her cloths. While doing this neetu came very close to pond and Akhil pulled her inside .Everybody started watching. First her bra came out and than her panty too was thrown.

As there was no color her jija rubbed her body against his and squeezed her choonchi very hard .Lund was also growing impatient and started hitting the walls of her rasili choot. In the pond itself she was bend and in one stroke her virgin cunt was deflowered. Ohhh noo it's not f*** and both of them were made to cum out.

Neetu was in full chudai ka mood .She raised her beautiful long legs and put on her jija's shoulder . He caressed her clit and in one stroke his supara went inside her choot.

She was wriggling but after sometime started raising her chutar and demanding jija please please . Bhabhi caressed her choonchi and asked bolol na nand rani..and she cried .."don't stop jija chod dijiye meri kunwari choot ko aaj . Realising that her sali's choot is garam he shoved his lund full .neetu bit her lips but kept on raising her chootar to take more of lund and in no time it was fully in. Now choodai was in full tempo and neera ,rambha and rima were watching.Ohhh chodo jija ..Sali jara chootar uthaker dhaka maro ohh neetu rani kya kasi mast choot hai taeri, both were in frenzy. After 30 minutes jija sali came togather and got separated.

Bhabhi tried to grip nandoi;s lund but it was still hard and thicker than her no time it was hard again. Bhabhi told my hubby to keep lying on back . His 8' long lund was standing erect challenging choot of all sali's.

Bhabhi told neera," chadh jao kutubminar par Holi ke din jija se chudane aur vah bhi kunvari choot ka udghatan karane ka maja hi kuch aur hai.Neera came and tried to lower her pink clean shaved virgin tight choot . Bhbhi sitting centered it properly and neetu and rima pushed her shoulders. After some effort supara was in. Rajiva raised his hips and Neetu and Rima too pressed hard and slowly Rina;s choot devoured her jija's entire lund. Her jija gripped her growing joban squeezing massaging pressing it. He pul! led her took her nipple and stated, sucking nibbling, which made Neera totally mast and she started gliding up and down on her jija's lund.ohhh she was screaming in joy moaning Jija please ohh phad dalo meri choot aur kas ke nikal do sara ras meri choonchi ka.and after sometime they came. Reena slowly came out.Some caressing by bhabhi sucking by rima nd his Lund was again rady for action and now rambha was left .She made lot of fuss but Neetu and neera grabbed her and brought to bhabhi.They lowered her , Neetu winked at bhbhi whispering" sali bahut nakhde di rahi thi", . Bhabhi too smiled and while putting her hole on lund centered her rear hole. Rambha was not aware but when massive lund started piercing her gand she started ****** shouting .Rima too joined and started pressing rambha along with Neetu and Neera ,Rambha kept on screaming but th! ey ensured that whole lund goes inside her gaand.

After that jija brought out his lund made her go on all four and pushed his huge lund in one stroke inside her choot. She has started enjoying and she showed maximum josh in chudai(later on we realised that she was getting her choot regularly serviced by her cousin ).

Now it was turn of my hubby and there jija ji. All sali's grabbed him and again tied his hands .Neetu took charge of face and applied eyebrow mascara kohal on his eyes. Cheeks were colored with rouge and adark red lipstick was carefully applied on his lips.

After looking at his face , neetu put a bindi on his forhead. Neera was putting churi in his hands and a ap*** of banngles too were put.Than she applied menhadi on his hands and mahavr on his feet. Rambha had put ear rings in his ears, a necklace, kardhani and payal in his feet.Bhabhi made him wear her saya lehnga and even her bra which fitted completely. Rima brought bhabhi's blouse and made him wear it .She put two color filled balloons in her blouse.

He was looking perfect as a lady and than all of them in turn put sin! door in his maang and kissed him ,bit her cheeks. Somehow he was able to untie himself and caught Rima and put her on back .He spread her beautiful milky thighs and shoved his lund deep.

All her saheli's appreciated and said "hum sab ne chudaya jija se yehi akeli bachi th". Rima confessed while raising her chootar and eating his full lund milking it in her choot"aare saliyon meri to kal rat ho do bar chud chuki hai ,but jija jitani bar chodo utana hi maja hai." She gripped his waist between her legs very hard squeezing her choot. Suddenly we saw a " MAN" coming in shorts and shirt and very slowly stood behind jija who was still in women's clothing.

While caressing his gand "he" said wah kya marne layak gand ahi and pulled his shorts. It was bhabhi with a! strap on dildo and before jija ji could unders tood anything she pushed her well lubed dildo in his gand. All salis joined in support of bhabhi gripped his waist and ensured that whole dildo goes inside. Bhabhi commented "ladki ka roop banaya to marvan ato padega hi".

She fucked very hard and than rambha took turn and it was followed by Neetu. She said jija ji saliyon ki to apne bahoot mari ab marvaane ka bji maja le lijiye. Sari saliyon ne unki gand mari.But he kept on fucking Rima And after a very long chudai his lund flooded rima;s choot. This time reena was inserting dildo and every body was singing songs abusing his sister anjali that gadhon aur ghodo ne usko choda.Neera put out dildo and Rima too got up and all of them said "BURA Na Mano Holi Hai"

There jija replied saliyon mujhe to BUR hi achi lagti hai. If you like the way my hubby fucks. plesae mail me
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