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Default My Real Sex Experience with a guy on Train [English]

I am Vimala, I am South Indian and belonging to Tamil Brahmin community and f*** in color. Other Things are I am married woman with a 9 year old boy, and working in a Publishing house in Delhi. I have a 36-28-38 size figure with a well shaped thighs and long h***, reaching well below my knees.
I am writing a true episode which happened in my life and not a story (Names & Places changed). It was unforgettable for me. These type episodes might have happened in every body’s life.
It was in the month of November I had a very great experience of love making. After attending my cousin sister’s marriage I was going back to Delhi in an *** conditioned compartment of Trivandrum –Nizamudhin Express train. I was coming from Trivandrum after attending the marriage ceremony.
After half an hour of my journey started, one guy boarded in the train with small suit case.
His seat was just opposite side of mine. After seating just opposite to me he started staring at me. His eyes were on my well bulged chest. I was wearing a beautiful Sari, but it was transparent. The persons who looked at my chest could know the size of my large high breasts. I always used to wear low neck blouse to allow some *** to pass through. As he was continuously looking at my breasts I was got embarrassed. After some time he eyes started surveying my abdomen, navel and below. When TTR appeared I pleaded to him to allot me some other seat. No South Indian was sitting around me other than this guy.

TTR did not take any action on my request. As I did not get any chance to move away from that guy, I started to talk with him. After the initial irritation he became very friendly with me. He too was going to Delhi. He was doing business in gulf and wants to meet somebody in Delhi. His name was Vijay.

Then he asked me..
“Why did you try to change your seat? Are you afraid of me?
“I am not afraid of anybody. But Just I preferred a window seat and hence I asked for a change.”
He “but Vimala, your bulging Sari certainly will attract any man’s attention. I could not withdraw my eyes from that part. If it made you nervous, please forgive me.”

“See Mr. Vijay, I am a married woman and have a boy studying in Ooty convent school. My husband is a businessman, most of the time traveling through out India. I also am working in publishing house to escape the boredom.”

“I know that you are not receiving what women should get at this age. It is a biological need of your body.”
“One thing I know, your good figure and that hot pussy were not enjoyed by your husband. If I get a woman like you, I certainly regularly lick and suck her pussy and give three or four fucks daily. Oh” God, you’re high and big boobs must be regularly squeezed and sucked by a man. After sucking your pussy until you reach Orgasm, you should be fucked at least for two hours daily. Then only your life will be worth living.”
I got embarrassed by his open talks.

“See, I am a 33 year old woman; I don’t need much sex at this age. You don’t have any shame to speak so open about the subject”

“Certainly, you need more sex at Thirties. If you don’t get good injection in your pussy or in your mouth you will never be happy. You will never get proper sleep at night. Your body needs cock milk of a man for healthy living. Do you know it? Semen (Cock milk) is produced in man’s body to supply to woman. It shall be two ways: through Mouth and through pussy. He added that I should know and get good knowledge about sex and love.

“See Vimala, our body has both male and female hormones. You body may have around 90% female hormones and 10 % male hormones. My body is in the vice versa. Our body has to maintain some minimum ratio of the hormones. As it is not balanced our bodies are thirsting for opposite sex hormone. It is some thing like Chemical bonding. In love making time we exchange our excess hormone and receive deficient hormone. This is the secret of love and sex”.

“See, I am a Tamil Brahmin woman and our custom don’t allow us to receive other men for sex.”

“As per nature women have an appetite to receive as many men as possible; this is important for reproduction”. This is the law of nature.

“See, Vimala, this is a computer age you should not worry about the age old customs, I have fucked several married woman like you in the past”.

Mean time I stood up to take a cup from my *** bag to go to toilet. This time his eyes hooked at my buttock.
“Oh” my god what a well shaped bumper bum you have! Certainly you will have a large sweetly pussy mount below it. I would have sucked it through out my life if I had owned you”. As nobody was sitting near us, who knew our language nobody knew our topics of discussion. The people around us thought that we are a couple. I too like his praise about the beauty of my buttock.
With a smile I left for toilet. I raised my sari and skirt to remove my panties. My panties were wet due to the conversation and I was really excited. I cleaned my bottom and emptied my bladder and came back.

I smiled at him and sat near to him in the opposite direction. When I looked at him I saw his front side of the pants was well bulged. I thought; he may have a long and big banana in between his legs. My pussy started itching. Now I can feel expansion and contraction of my vaginal walls.
Time passed well 9 pm. All the people around us in the compartment moved to their respective births. Only two Gujarathi women were in our section. They fell in asleep.

The guy moved from his seat and sat beside me. He kept a hand on my left shoulder.
I objected “zooh, some body will see us”. I removed his hand from my shoulder.
After some time when we were sure nobody was seeing us he put his hand over my shoulder. This time I did not object. His hand slowly moved over my left breast on the blouse. . I slowly raised my bra and blouse took my left breast out side and covered it with sari ends. He grabbed my boob, started squeezing it harder. Excitement was very high; my panties became wet. Due to excitement my entire body was like the patients of measles.

Then I freed my right boob also. When my pussy released sexy fluid into my panties his cock was getting longer and harder. Then I put a blanket over us and hid our activities.
Now I could feel a woman’s all sex excitement. My breathing was fast that I controlled to make it silent. My boob’s nipples were erected. My clit was erected. All my h*** was from neck to bottom was raised. I can feel the cry and itching of my pussy. My pussy walls are contracting and expanding to receive a cock. Actually my pussy was ****** for his cock to eat
Then I turned my face towards him and started a strong mouth to mouth kissing. It was marvelous. Suddenly I reached orgasm. Immediately after reaching orgasm I freed myself from him and went to toilet. I cleaned my pussy well. I came back and sat beside him.

See, even with out touching my pussy he brought me to orgasm.
He knew that I reached orgasm. “Vimala you are selfish when you enjoyed you forgot me.”
Dear Vijay, it is not like that. You can’t fuck me in the train. Remove your sib
Of the pant I shall caress your cock and take to orgasm. He opened the sib and took out his lovely poker. It was like a huge banana).
He asked me to take in my mouth; I could not agree that as I never sucked a cock but really I wished to take his banana to suck as my mouth started watering. I told him that we are not secure here to indulge oral sex in the train bogy. He hesitatingly agreed with me.

I told him “darling I love to suck your beautiful and sweet banana until it fill my stomach with milk, but here I cannot do it. I started caressing it and shaking it.
Mean time he put his left hand over my abdomen and slowly slipped his hand through my sari & skirt. With in no time he could reach his hand over my pussy. Now his fingers slowly started to play with my clit. He pushed his two fingers into my pussy and started reciprocating motion. After some time again I reached Orgasm. This time his hand was full of my sex fluid. He took his hand from my pussy and skirt and licked his fingers. “Oh Vimala. You are great; it is very tasty. I am ready to lick and suck your pussy through the night if you give me a night.”

I could not take him into orgasm. When he proposed to sleep we separated and went to our respective births.
Next day morning we woke up little late. When I woke up I saw he was sitting near the lower birth and reading a news paper. There were many new arrivals in our compartment.
Through the day we discussed about the wonders of female male relationship, sex of animals, methods of fucking, oral sex, Kama Suthra etc.
Next day also we talked about the same never ending topics. We had no chance for body contact. I was very much sad that I could not take him to an Orgasm. But one thing I knew that I loved this guy so much and wished to spend some nights with him.

Before getting down our last Railway station we exchanged our mobile tel Nos.
At the station my Hus was waiting to take me home.
When we reached home he told me that he would be out of station for 5 days for a business trip beginning after one day,
I immediately informed the matter to Mr. Vijay. “Oh! God is great; I will get you to fuck. It will be an experience, which you will not forget in life.”
The day came. My Hus left about 2 am at night. That night I was very restless thinking about Vijay.

Early morning about 6 AM I woke up; went to toilet, brushed my teeth. I did a clean shave at my pussy after taking bath I applied Vicco turmeric on my pussy mount. I sprayed some sandal oil on my body. After preparing some breakfast, I did some work for lunch also.
Then I wore a beautiful little transparent sari. I looked at the mirror and got satisfied on my look.
Exactly at 9.30 am Vijay reached in my flat. He was thrilled when he saw me.
He grabbed me and started kissing me systematically. He first kissed me in my forehead, cheeks and then on my lips. He explored my mouth extracted my saliva as much as available. Our tongues rubbed each other.
All these time his hand was massaging and pressing my buttock. I was so excited; all the cells of my body were thrilled.
He started to unhook my blouse then he removed my bra. Mean time I removed his shirt and pants. I saw his wide h***less flat chest. I don’t like the guys with a h***y chest like monkeys.
Now I am in skirt. He is in underwear. Now I could see his fucking banana in its size.
I pulled his under wear too, and made him fully naked. His cock appeared like a big banana). It was standing and jumping with passion. It was a quite amusing site for me.
Its rosy colored head reminded me the head of a poisonous snake.
Then my mouth was watering to eat his cock.

We went to bed room I sat on the bed. He sat beside me; took my hand to his lap and started squeezing my boobs one by one.
After a while he started sucking the nipples and licking the breasts one by one. Mean time he did not forget to finger my pussy.
Them I was laid on my back across the bed keeping my legs well opened and kept my feet on the floor.
He sat in between my legs in the floor and started licking my pussy mount. Slowly tongue moved over my crack. He slightly opened my pussy, started licking my wet pussy. He reached into my clit and giving me strong and hard sucks. Within one or two minutes I reached the peak of pleasure and released a lot of sex fluid.

As he continued to suck my clit . I had a very bad need of urinating. My bladder was full as I did not urinate quite some time. I begged to stop to enable me to go to toilet. My request made him crazy. With more vigor he sucked my pussy and urethra. I lost my control and released my piss directly into his mouth. He drank it, as a thirsty man drinking tender coconut water. When my bladder was empty he released me. I was very sad to piss in his mouth. But he told me that it was better than any Scotch whisky he ever drank. It intoxicated him.
He requested me to take his cock in my mouth. I started sucking it very hard to give my lover the maximum pleasure. As it was long and big even one third of its length I could not take in my mouth. He started moving his cock to and fro. After few minutes he pushed my head maximum against his cock. The cock was now deep in my throat.
He asked me “Honey shall I burst in your mouth.”

I just gave him a sign by hand to explode as my mouth was full of his cock.
His cock exploded in my throat pumping about half a cup of milk which I happily drank. I licked and swallowed until the last drop of his love juice. Both were very tired for the time.
He went to toilet and I went to kitchen to prepare tea.
While drinking the tea he asked me to drink more water so that I could release Scotch whisky for him.
He asked me “did any body in the past drink your intoxicating piss.”
“No”; I answered. Till today nobody sucked my pussy including my Hus. You are the first man to suck my pussy.”
“I had two lady friends who told me they had experienced the same with their lovers. One Punjabi man drank my Rajasthani lady friend’s piss as you did now and one Bengali man did with my Goan lady friend. Now I realized that they were not bluffing. However every woman likes the pleasure of her pussy sucking.”
After some time we again started foreplays of love. Then we took the missionary position .I lied on my back and he came over me and pushed his cock into my pussy. About 15 minutes in the same position he fucked me.

As the A/C was working and rooms were well closed the moaning noise of our love making did not go out side. Then he finally took my legs and kept them on his shoulder. With more vigor he moved his tool in my well lubricated pussy. In that pose twice I reached orgasm. At last he pumped his love juice deep inside my pussy and fell over me. We lied in that position for some time and then moved to toilet.
A good quantity of his cock milk had overflowed from my pussy and it reached up to my knee when I reached bath room. I was afraid of pregnancy. Then he told me that as his first cock milk was discharged in my mouth, even in unsafe period chances of pregnancy is less than 5 %.
He explained that oral sex is the best way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. He added that semen contains the following:
1-2 % of volume is sperm cells (i.e. Protein cells) if it is first discharge.
About 13-15% is Male hormones.
Balance about 63% is multi vitamins, minerals etc which are required by women’s body as a supplement for healthy living. More over researches had revealed that the risks of womb and breast cancer are 60 % less in the women who swallow the semen.
Even cock milk is discharged in women’s pussy; it will undergo some chemical reaction with vaginal fluids and finally digested to women’s body. After a fuck women should not rush to toilet to clean. Allow your pussy to drink that love nectar by delaying cleaning by 20 minutes. This was a new knowledge for me.

Later as per his request I pissed into his mouth again to intoxicate him. “Surely you will be addicted to my liquor” I told him
Time was well passed 2 PM took our lunch and then went to bed to sleep. I was lying in his arms. After inserting his cock in my pussy we lied on our sides facing each other. We slept in the bedroom embracing each other for about 2 hours.
About 4.30 pm I woke up washed my face and gone to kitchen to prepare tea for us.
He was woken up with a kiss by me. Then we had tea ad snacks.

“Darling; today and tomorrow I will be with you, Day after tomorrow I have to go to Kalkatta for a meeting. So we must get maximum enjoyment during this time.”
I too wanted the same.
After that he raised my sari and skirt started eating my pussy. Again I reached orgasm.
Again as per request I emptied my bladder into his mouth.
“You may become sick if you continue this for intoxication”
“I don’t think you suffering from any infectious disease. “No this will make me more healthy and strong. Even in natural therapy this is a treatment.”
Even though I had desire to suck his cock he discouraged me. He wanted me to fuck in doggie style.
We started it in doggie style. After some time I felt pain on my knees.
So we changed the pose. He lied on his back and I sat on his waist. I took his cock into my gate and pressed down. My hungry pussy had fully eaten his cock. Then I started striking him. Strikes continued till I reached climax, but he was as hard as before.
As I was exhausted we wanted some rest. Later we went for our dinner.
After we watched T V for some time and went to bed room. There he fucked me in sitting position, side lying posit ion etc.
Two more time he pumped his juice deep into my pussy; then both were well tired and fell in asleep.
Men cannot get many orgasms as women get as they are loosing a very vital fluid from their body and get tired.
Next day morning up to 8 AM I slept. When I woke up he was in deep sleep. After my daily toilet work and a long bath I went to kitchen and prepared breakfast.
Then I called my sweet heart with a kiss, and served him a bed coffee. He went to toilet to take bath.
That day he spent maximum time in the bed. He continuously fucked me in several poses with out discharging his hot nectar. In love making man is the weaker sex compared to women. Women can attain several orgasms in a day but man’s capacity is limited as he discharges his juice. He discharged 3 times in my pussy and one time in my throat on second day session.
When ever I reached climax I asked for a break.
I prepared food for us during the break of love session. After a love session I would go to kitchen work while he remained in the bed only. When ever he called me back I went to him to get the fuck. Altogether he discharged 6 times into my pussy and two times in to my mouth and throat. I discharged my piss 6 or 7 times in to his mouth. When ever I discharged my WHISKY into his mouth he got very high excitement and intoxicated and his cock became very rigid and hot. He sucked my pussy for several hours during the two days period. We experienced all the lovemaking poses during the two days. I think I might have attained 2 dozens of orgasms during the two days time. Once I lied on the table across and he fucked me standing on the floor. It was really great.
We made love in the kitchen, bathroom, at sitting room in the sofa etc. At end of the day he was much tired and exhausted. So next day morning I allowed him to leave me. Before leaving he proposed to marry me and told me; he would treat my son as his own son. Even though I loved him very much I could not consider his suggestion. If I had married him I would have enjoyed a full life with heavenly pleasure. But our customs and society rules actually spoil our life. He was from a Sudra caste while I was from a Brahmin. I was afraid of my sons and relatives reaction, if I married him. So I missed a great life.
Next three or four months I had received his erotic and romantic e-mails. But suddenly they disappeared. Several times he called me on mobile and gave me tel. sex

That was the great experience for me. I knew that in love and sex everything is f***.
At least some of the lady readers of this story might have undergone theses type of experiences. Please comment about this story ; laddies only to comment.; SAJITHA (E-mail:
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